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Creativity, ambition, efficiency, success. Striving and working in accordance with these principles is the basis of our own success.
IRLE MOSER LLP is among the nation's most reputable and leading law firms for copyright law, media law, intellectual property law,  and corporate law. With a select team of highly qualified attorneys, we advise national and international companies from different product and service sectors as well as public figures from business, politics, and the entertainment industry and art world. As passionate, committed service providers, we are there for you wherever and whenever you need us. Let us guide you on the road to success.


Attorneys of the firm are named in/recommended by:


Press Law and Freedom of Speech
Reports about political, economic or social events in television, radio, newspapers or the Internet often result in disputes between the media and those affected by such reports. When conflicts arise between the general and/or corporate right to privacy and publicity and freedom of the press, IRLE MOSER LLP advises parties affected by news reports as well as members of the media on how to protect their legal rights. We determine what legal remedies are available to our clients, such as claims for injunctive relief, claims for publication of a rebuttal, claims for retraction/correction, or claims for damages or monetary compensation, and we enforce  or defend such claims in court, but we also represent clients in out-of-court settlement negotiations.

In addition to in-depth know-how of the media business, the attorneys of our law firm boast a long track record of successfully advising public figures from politics, business, and entertainment, as well as well-known media companies and commercial enterprises on issues involving press law or freedom of speech.
Publishing Law
IRLE MOSER LLP provides comprehensive legal counsel to reputable publishers, large and small, both in Germany and abroad. We advise media and book publishers on all issues that typically arise in the publishing business. Our services include drafting and negotiating contracts with publishers, editors, authors, illustrators, translators, licensees and cooperation partners. We also advise publishers on all legal issues arising in connection with press law and freedom of speech, copyright law, trademark and unfair competition law, and on issues of new media law arising in connection with the creation or expansion of websites.
Copyright Law
Copyright law is another specialty of IRLE MOSER LLP. Works of art or science, such as literary, film, musical or dramaturgical works, photographs, and designs, enjoy copyright protection, provided that they possess the requisite degree of originality.

Our law firm assists clients with enforcing their copyrights and neighboring rights and, if necessary, protects their rights from infringement by third parties. To maximize the commercial exploitation of all rights, we start advising clients as soon as the creative process gets underway, we continue to provide support along the way, and we assist clients with the commercial exploitation of copyrights by drafting contracts and negotiating terms with licensees. To guarantee that copyrighted works can be used without interference, we also represent the interests of licensees or other third parties interested in using such works.
IT Law/New Media Law
IRLE MOSER LLP advises clients on legal issues arising in connection with the Internet or e-commerce, drafting and negotiating web design agreements, application service providing agreements, service agreements (access, service and hosting, content), license agreements, marketing agreements, cooperation agreements, and advertising agreements.

We also advise software developers, drafting and negotiating contracts, including software development and software distribution agreements, system agreements, license agreements, cooperation agreements, application service providing agreements, or any other agreements related to the implementation of software products.

We also provide legal counsel on a broad range of issues arising in connection with computer and video games, drafting and negotiating development agreements, distribution agreements, co-production agreements, advertising agreements, end user license agreements (EULA), and reviewing computer and online games for compliance with applicable law.

E-Sports Law

For IRLE MOSER, the world of eSports and the constantly evolving law in this field are not recent fields of activity. IRLE MOSER has been advising numerous protagonists in eSports, such as organisations, publishers, teams and individual players, for many years. With its specialised team of advisors, IRLE MOSER has contributed to the further development of eSports law in recent years.Finely tuned to the advisory needs of our clients, we assist them with our specialised team of advisors as well as with our network of proven legal experts in all relevant fields of law in all legal issues relating to eSports, whereby our advisory focus includes, in particular, issues of general business and contract law, media law as well as IP and IT law.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we identify legal issues and the resulting hurdles at an early stage and are subsequently able to recommend the appropriate courses of action to our clients at the right time.

We are cooperation partners of the IES, which, thanks to its wide-ranging field of activity, forms a central platform in the European eSports ecosystem. Due to our distinctive networking in the eSports scene, we have the necessary up-to-date knowledge of the industry to incorporate trends and future developments into our advice at the earliest possible stage.

IRLE MOSER Attorneys at Law PartG
is cooperation partner of the

Trademark Law
IRLE MOSER LLP advises reputable German and European companies from a variety of different industries on trademark issues. We advise clients when trademarks are first created, register trademarks in Germany and/or worldwide, represent the interests of trademark owners before German, European and international trademark offices, monitor trademarks on an ongoing basis, and represent clients in trademarks disputes before courts in Germany and foreign jurisdictions. We also offer special expertise for legal issues arising in connection with the Internet, which increasingly is becoming a venue for trademark infringements.

Our trademark practice also focuses on the management of extensive trademark portfolios. We advise clients on all issues arising in connection with trademark transactions and draft and negotiate the necessary contracts, such as trademark purchase agreements, license and merchandising agreements, and trademark settlement agreements.
Unfair Competition Law
IRLE MOSER LLP advises clients on all issues of unfair competition law. To stem the tide of unfair competition violations and to guarantee compliance with the rules of fair competition, we not only protect clients from unfair competitive practices of others, but also advise companies on how to structure their own sales and marketing strategies, including advertising campaigns.

Our firm offers special expertise for legal issues involving the Internet, which increasingly is becoming a venue for trademark infringements.
Film and Television Law
Film law is another core discipline of our media law practice. We advise clients on all legal issues arising in connection with the development of content, the design of productions, national and international co-productions, the funding of productions in consideration of film subsidy laws, and the licensing and worldwide marketing of films. For this purpose we draft option agreements, film rights agreements, financing and security agreements, production and co-production agreements, agreements with film directors and artists, and licensing and distribution agreements.

Thanks to our broad film law experience, we represent well-known authors, film directors, actors and agencies, as well as film production companies and publishers.
Art Law
Art law is interdisciplinary in nature, involving issues of copyright law, contract law , insurance law and transportation law. Thanks to our many years of experience in this area, IRLE MOSER LLP has close ties to the art world. In addition to many artists, we advise galleries, auction houses, museums and exhibitors, as well as art book publishers. As a result of our broad client base, we have an in-depth understanding of the competing interests involved and are well familiar with the relevant statutes and case law. This enables our attorneys to effectively represent the interests of clients out of court, in particular by providing advice on contract issues, and to successfully enforce their rights in the event of litigation.
Design Law
Appearance, design and packaging are critical factors for the success of a product. They have an important impact on purchasing decisions of consumers and thus on market success. This is reflected by the high development costs that companies nowadays invest into the design of their products. These high upfront investment costs, and the fact that product designs are subject to piracy and imitation, are the reasons why product designs require targeted and competent legal protection via the instruments made available by design law.

IRLE MOSER LLP will support and advise you already as soon as the design development phase gets underway, register your designs with national and international trademark offices, represent your interests in all matters in and out of court, and provide you with legal advice on and draft license agreements.
Patents and Utility Patent Law
Working closely with experienced patent attorneys, IRLE MOSER LLP advises clients on all issues of patent and utility patent law. The spectrum of our services ranges from strategic advice during the development phase, to the registration and management of patents and utility patents, to providing legal advice on and drafting all types of contract, including non-disclosure agreements, license agreements, distribution agreements, R&D agreements, and cooperation agreements. In the event that patents or utility patents are infringed, we represent clients, on either side, in out-of-court settlement negotiations as well as in court proceedings.
Theater Law
Theater law is the most traditional area of our entertainment law practice. IRLE MOSER LLP advises actors, theater companies, film directors, songwriters, stage performers, acting agencies, theater, tour and festival organizers, as well as theatrical producers. Thanks to its broad spectrum of clients, IRLE MOSER LLP is familiar with all aspects of the theater world and has experience with a very diverse array of issues arising in this business. Our attorneys effectively leverage this experience for the benefit of our clients when drafting and negotiating contracts with artists or actors, agreements for the performance of theatrical productions, or contracts with directors or agencies.
Corporate Law
As an established business law firm, IRLE MOSER LLP offers its clients the full range of corporate law services, providing counsel on all relevant legal issues. We advise and represent clients, in particular, in matters of corporate law, commercial and contract law, and general civil law. We have expertise with complex corporate acquisitions and are able to quickly resolve the many different business law issues that arise during the day-to-day operations of a company. Our attorneys are known on the market for their extensive experience with expertly and creatively drafting a wide variety of different contracts, and with negotiating and enforcing contract terms.

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Dienstleistungssektoren, darunter viele namhafte Handelsunternehmen und Online-Plattformen. Wir unterstützen unsere Mandanten insbesondere bei der Gestaltung rechtskonformer Datenverarbeitungsprozesse, der Erstellung von Datenschutzerklärungen und Datennutzungseinwilligungen, in Verfahren gegenüber den Landesdatenschutzbehörden sowie in datenschutzrechtlichen Fragen betreffenden Rechtsstreitigkeiten.


Attorneys of the firm are named in/recommended by:


  • Clerkship as publishing sales assistant, Hamburg and London
  • Study of law, University of Hamburg, University of Birmingham (England)
  • Supplementary course work in business law, University of Hamburg
  • Diploma in English law (Dip.Eng.Law), University of Birmingham (England)
  • Master of laws (LL.M.), University of Birmingham (England)
  • Dissertation (Dr. iur.) under direction of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann Riem, retired federal constitutional judge, University of Hamburg
  • Board-certified attorney for intellectual property law
  • Board-certified attorney for copyright law and media law

Ben Irle primarily represents companies and their officers and directors in complex issues, transactions and proceedings. He offers special expertise in press law/freedom of speech, crisis communication and reputation management, intellectual property law (trademark law, design law, patent and utility patent law, unfair competition law, copyright law), and corporate law.

Ben Irle is recommended by the leading law firm handbooks JUVE, Legal 500, Kanzleien in Deutschland, and

Best Lawyers International annually since 2013 named Ben Irle as one of Germany’s best lawyers.

Handelsblatt named Ben Irle as "one of the most popular attorneys in Germany/attorneys of the year" in 2013 and as "one of Germany's best attorneys" in 2014.

"Good and efficient" (JUVE, 2013/2014)

"A super attorney who has never disappointed us" (JUVE, 2014/2015)

"Well-established in the media law market" (Legal 500, 2014)

"Dr. Ben Irle succeeded in positioning the firm as a consistently outstanding brand"
(Kanzleien in Deutschland, 2014)

Working languages:
German, English



Christian-Oliver Moser studied law in Berlin and then completed his federal clerkship in Berlin and New York. In early 1998 he started to work for the law firm of Knauthe Paul Schmitt (later renamed Knauthe Eggers). Then, he founded the media law firm Moser Bezzenberger. At the beginning of 2008 he became a board-certified attorney for intellectual property law and in November 2013 founded the law firm of IRLE MOSER LLP together with Dr. Ben M. Irle. He is a member of the German Association for Intellectual Property and Copyright Law. His practices focuses on press law, especially crisis management, trademark law, unfair competition law, and contract law as it relates to the media.

Working languages:
German, English


  • Partner at IRLE MOSER
  • Director of Governmental and Defense Affairs at a globally leading transportation and logistics company
  • NATO expert to planning board for inland surface transport
  • Executive assistant to the chairman of the management board of a public commuter transportation company
  • Attorney of corporate law, copyright and media law, and intellectual property law
  • Federal law clerk at the Court of Appeals of Hamburg, and in Los Angeles and Hanoi
  • Dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Ziegler, University of Hamburg
  • Study of law at the University of Hamburg

Antonia von Reiche advises national and international companies on all issues of corporate law. Another focus of her legal practice is advising companies, their officers and directors, as well as private individuals from politics, business and entertainment on press law/freedom of speech, copyright and media law, and intellectual property law.

Thanks to her many years of working at the management and board level and as a NATO expert, Antonia von Reiche has broad experience handling issues of business management and business strategy at the national and international level.

Working languages:
German, English

*not within the meaning of the German Partnership Act (PartG)


  • Associate bei IRLE MOSER
  • Referendariat am Kammergericht Berlin
  • Studium der Rechtswissenschaften an der Freien Universität Berlin mit Schwerpunkt im Immaterialgüterrecht und gewerblichem Rechtsschutz
  • Ausbildung zur Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellten in Frankfurt am Main

Cindy Schewe berät und vertritt Mandanten in allen Rechtsfragen und Angelegenheiten rund um das Medienrecht, auf dem Gebiet des gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes (insbesondere im Marken- und Wettbewerbsrecht) sowie des Urheberechts. Ihre Tätigkeit umfasst neben der außergerichtlichen Beratung auch die bundesweite gerichtliche Prozessführung.
Aufgrund ihrer bereits langjährigen Tätigkeit als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin während ihres Studiums und verschiedener Stationen im Rahmen ihres Referendariats in auf das Medienrecht spezialisierten Kanzleien verfügt Frau Schewe über besondere Expertise im Presse- und Äußerungsrecht. Der Schwerpunkt ihrer Tätigkeit liegt daher auch in der Beratung und Prozessvertretung von Privatpersonen und Unternehmen im Presse- und Äußerungsrecht sowie im Bereich des Reputationsschutzes.

Deutsch, Englisch


  • Associate bei IRLE MOSER
  • Referendariat am Kammergericht Berlin
  • Doktorand an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster bei Herrn Prof. Wittreck
  • Masterstudium (LL.M.) an der University of the West of England in Bristol im Bereich Commercial Law mit Schwerpunkt Intellectual Property und Dispute Resolution
  • Studium der Rechtswissenschaften an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster mit Schwerpunkt Rechtsgestaltung und Streitbeilegung

Moritz Lange berät Mandanten in allen Fragen des Urheber- und Medienrechts, des Marken-, Design- und Wettbewerbsrechts sowie des allgemeinen Wirtschaftsrechts.


Deutsch, Englisch


  • Studied law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich
  • Worked for several years in an international law firm as a student and research assistant in the field of media, entertainment and sport
  • Legal clerkship at the OLG Munich
  • Certified business mediator (MuCDR)
  • FIFA Football Agent

Johann Wolf advises and represents companies and public figures in all areas of sports and media law. He is a FIFA licensed Football Agent. Johann Wolf has particular expertise in the international counselling and representation of professional athletes, especially in football. In addition to press and publicity law, reputation management and crisis communication, he also specialises in intellectual property law, in particular trademark and competition law, as well as general commercial law.

Working languages:

German, French, English


  • Associate at IRLE MOSER
  • Legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Munich with work stations in Munich and Berlin
  • Law school at Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich

Viktoria Kunz advises clients on all aspects of media law. She focuses on press law and media contract drafting. She also specializes in copyright and trademark law.

Working languages:

German, English


  • Associate at IRLE MOSER
  • Legal clerkship at the Berlin Court of Appeal, including stations at the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and at the law firms Raue Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten und Rechtsanwältinnen mbB and Schertz Bergmann Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB, which specialize in press law/freedom of speech
  • Doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Specht-Riemenschneider at the Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn
  • Research assistant at Osborne Clarke Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Partnerschaft mbB in the field of media and data protection law
  • Study of law at the University of Cologne with a focus on media and communications law

Dr. Dennis Jennessen advises in particular public figures as well as national and international companies in the area of press law/freedom of speech. He specializes in reputation and crisis management in the event of violations of personality rights and reputationally damaging reporting. He also advises comprehensively on all questions of media law. Further areas of specialization include intellectual property law and data protection law.

Working languages:

German, English


German, English, French, Spanish, Swedish and Russian are all languages that are spoken in our office.
We think and work globally.

IRLE MOSER LLP advises and represents with its headquarters in BERLIN and VIENNA national and international clients far beyond German borders in all practice areas of the firm. In addition to being proficient in foreign languages, the attorneys of our firm have extensive knowledge of foreign law and experience representing and enforcing the interests of clients in foreign jurisdictions. You can count on us, even at the international level!


„Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.“
Henry Ford

Top-notch legal advice on challenging issues requires smart and creative minds, as well as ambition, commitment, persistence and a competitive spirit. As a growing law firm that faces new challenges on a daily basis we are always interested in receiving applications from young attorneys (male or female) and law clerks (male or female) who subscribe to the same philosophy.

Please send your detailed application to: Dr. Ben M. Irle, LL.M.

Attorneys of the firm are named in/recommended by:

IRLE MOSER Rechtsanwälte PartG

Unter den Linden 32-34
10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 21021960
Fax: +49 30 21021970

Alte Börse
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1010 Wien, Österreich

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Unter den Linden 32-34
10117 Berlin
VAT ID No. DE244869338

IRLE MOSER LLP is a limited liability partnership under English law that is registered in England and Wales under number OC370732 and in Germany at the Local Court of Charlottenburg under number PR 756 B. Its registered office is located at 16 Great Queen St., London WC2B 5DG, United Kingdom. The members of the partnership are not subject to personal liability for obligations of the partnership.

Members of the LLP:
Dr. Ben M. Irle and Christian-Oliver Moser

Local Bar Association:
Bar Association of Berlin


Professional laws and regulations:

The above laws and regulations are available in full text at


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